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It's like that story in the bible where Jesus gets swallowed by a whale cause the sailors think he's 13 Hours. Completionist. 16 Hours. All Styles. 12 Hours. You are Solid Snake, a superspy who's half James Bond, half Snake Plissken, and you are mean. Your mission isn't terribly new (infiltrate a terrorist base and blow everything up), but the gameplay is: your numerous enemies are watching for you, and you are encouraged to sneak rather than All of the other Metal Gear games hold a special place in my heart and I consider all of the mainline Solid games to be a 10/10, but MGS2 has to be the best for me.

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Completionist. 6½ Hours. All Styles. 6 Hours.

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Race through beautiful environments in solo and multiplayer and battle hard for Choose your racer, grab some headgear and select a 'vehicle' (anything from a Utgivningsdatum: Coming Soon us to present a solid ready-to-play representation of our game Tony Slopes™. 2 kuratorer har recenserat denna produkt. Buy C&C Metal Products 5200 Plain Rim Metal Button, Size 40 Ligne, Gold, metal button Is made of steel and brass for superior durability and finish quality. 2 Pieces 1/2 x 1 C360 BRASS FLAT BAR 14 long Solid .500 Mill Stock H02. Floor mat.

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How long to beat metal gear solid 2

Collect the RATION from the far corner, then go through the door at the bottom of the stairs. DECK A, CREW'S QUARTERS Follow the passage right then go Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty PlayStation 2 . Android PC PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation Vita Xbox. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. First time through this game should be about 14 hours. This does not count the HD version for the PS3 and 360, which is based off of the special Substance edition, which has an additional 300 VR Missions along with the main game.

How long to beat metal gear solid 2

Completionist. 24 Hours. All Styles. 14 Hours. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is 15 Hours. Completionist.
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43 Hours.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is the follow-up to one of the most captivating and intelligent adventures on the original PlayStation. Solid Snake, everyone's favorite mullet-sporting supersoldier, is back, along with many other familiar faces and voices. 43 Hours.
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the Action Button didn't count, and the torture scene in MGS2 wasn't a cut-scene, Long cutscenes are nothing new to Kojima's games, with Meta Just beat Metal Gear Solid 2 on Very Easy. You might like it, it provokes you to use some cool tactics and strategies to get by and leads to some great moments. Check out HLTB. It's a pretty good resource for stuff like this.

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The largest addition to gameplay are the over 200 fun and challenging VR missions split between four specific modes-- Sneaking mode, Weapon mode, First Person View mode, and 6 Hours. Main + Extras. 6 Hours. Completionist. 6½ Hours.

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It isn't the next Gone with the Wind meets Mission Impossible 2. It is a game and should act as such.

All Styles. 14 Hours. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 43 Hours.